Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Theodore Roosevelt seems like a strange title for a sharpening blog, but after reading an excellent post on The Art of Manliness, I decided Teddy Roosevelt had a lot he could teach us. Brett McKay, The publisher of The Art of Manliness, used President Roosevelt as an example of how to be a better man, but the post translates into how to be a better businessman (or woman) as well. So with that said, take a moment to read about our 26th President, and see how his life is a life worth emulating.

Lessons in Manliness: Theodore Roosevelt and the Spanish-American War

Theodore Roosevelt, who arguably accomplished more than any other American man, called his experience in the Spanish-American War, “the great day of my life.” It was during his charge up Kettle Hill that Theodore Roosevelt’s leadership and confidence finally crystallized. He passed the test and emerged as a leader capable of ascending to the presidency. His actions during the war impart crucial lessons on manly leadership:

1. Walk the Walk. Theodore Roosevelt was a sickly child who grew up reading of ancient battles and warriors and longing to be one. He built up his body and as he got older started writing his own books about military feats. Yet he still longed to see action firsthand, and when the opportunity finally arrived, he wasted no time in seizing it. As soon as the Spanish-American War broke out, Teddy pestered the Secretary of the Navy for a commission in the army. He then sold his cattle ranch and some of his possessions, and took out life insurance in preparation of receiving it. He was fully prepared to put his money where his mouth (and pen) was.

2. Know your limitations. Teddy was never short on confidence, but he didn’t let cocksureness slip into arrogance. When Roosevelt got his wish for an army commission and was offered command of the First United States Volunteer Calvary as Colonel, he turned it down citing. . . Click here to read the rest of the post. Be sure you look around Art of Manliness! It's one of my favorite blogs!

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