Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I recieved a call from a sharpener today. He was asking if I might be able to fix a pair of texturizing shears he came across in his area. Apparently the previous sharpener sharpened all the notches off the teeth and it got worse from there. After listen to him describe all the problems, I suggested that he tell his customer it's time for a new pair. He told me that was what he figured I'd say. The stylist was quite upset with this other sharpener, she loved the shears so he was hoping something could be done.

One difficulty we have as sharpeners is the temptation to try to fix everything. Not everything can be fixed, and many others shouldn't be. While there was the slim possibility that that texturizer could have been fixed to where it would work again, how well would it serve her? She makes her living with her shears and sometimes the most responsible thing we can do is insist that a new shear be bought.

Image: Wolffind.com

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