Saturday, March 14, 2009


Ever have trouble with the screws backing out of your grooming shears? Most of the time a little lock tight will fix the problem or maybe the shear needs a new washer, but on occasion you run into one of those screws that just won't stay in no matter what you do. So how do you keep it from backing out?

Well, what I do is ding the threads. What I mean by this is I pinch or crush the threads along the screw so the screw has some "bite" as you screw it into the shear. The slight burrs where the thread has been crushed will hold the screw in place so it won't back out. The tool I use the ding the threads up is a pair of regular pliers. Just grab the screw on either side, give it squeeze, and you're ready to go.

I just had to do this for a new customer a few weeks ago. She said she's had a number of other sharpeners try to fix the screw in her shear, but it keeps backing out. I called her yesterday to see if her screw problem was solved after I dinged the threads; she said it hasn't back out since. Give this a try the next time you have a problem screw. If you have any questions, just give me a call.


  1. Jim,
    Great suggestion. Quick and affordable.
    Beats ordering a new screw !

    Just watched your UTube videos here on the Hira-To and Corrugator. Very informative.

    Gary Johnson

  2. Thanks for the kind words Gary. Hope to see you soon.

  3. Jim
    I picked up a hintom Bonnie thar I have used when dinging the threads would not work. I now carry a pice of dental floss and use it in the hole along with lock tight. I have repaired some very lose screws this way. Ron
    Enjoy this site very much, hope to see you soon,