Wednesday, May 20, 2009


David and I got started on the new Ookami Gold® Training Video yesterday. It was a fun shoot! Most of the shots we managed to get in one take (I've done as many as 20 to get what I wanted).

We just went through the basics of sharpening on the Ookami Gold® System because we're trying a new voice-over technique when we edit.

The voice-over turned out great, but boy did I bang my head against the wall trying to get my editing program to recognize the new mic I bought. My buddy Jonas (who helped design the new Twice as Sharp® website) came to my rescue and walked me through the set up. It's good to have friends!

We'll be putting some footage of the new Ookami Gold® Video on Wolff's YouTube Channel when we're finished with it. It'll be a few weeks before it's done though. In the mean time, do me a favor if you would. Go to the Wolff YouTube Channel and hit the subscribe button. This will let you know when I put a new video up.

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