Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's the little things that really make a great impression. For instance, I have had the pleasure of being surprised by a couple of my friends I know from working with them through Wolff, or many of my online projects. The surprises came from Kamran Popkin, of Promotional Authority, and Louisa Stephan, of Worthwhile. What did they do? They gave me a little of their time, they thought about me, they did a little something extra, these actions were expressed in the form of a book and a hand-written note (See the picture above).

Kamran PopKin
I have known Kamran for a long time. When I filled out a recommendation for him on his LinkedIn Page, I said...

“Kamran is the quintessential example of what a sales professional should be. Innovative, creative, able to solve problems, on time, always learning and always willing to extend his hand to help. One of the things that most impresses me about Kamran is, when ever I find a new book on sales or marketing, Kamran has either read it or is in the process of reading it. He is always looking for ways to grow so he can better serve his customers. Helping his clients isn't just a job to him, it's a lifestyle.”

...and I meant every word of it. He knows I like Gitomer books, and he also knows that "Trust" is something I try to encourage all of my sharpening students to build with their clients as they grow their businesses. This small gift is great because it's also a gift to you, since I'm sure I'll be pulling all kinds of nuggets of wisdom from this book to share with you. All he did was make a quick stop to pick up a book and jot a quick note on the back of his card, but boy did he make an impression and I'd like to say a BIG public thank you.

Louisa Stephan
I'm just getting to know Louisa. We have been friends for some time now on Facebook and Twitter. We met on these sites through our organizations and only recently met in person at a local business event. We exchanged our pleasure in getting to meet each other through Direct Messages on Twitter, but she took it one step further and wrote me a nice note. She comes across online as a kind and dedicated person every time I see her comment on something, or pass information along to our group. This note is just one more thing that shows how truly wonderful she is, and that the Worthwhile Company is blessed to have her.

The Point
The point in all of this is not to tell you I have two great friends (but I do), it's to tell you that you can be this kind of friend to your customers too. Do you, from time-to-time, write a thank you note to those that use your service, or if they buy a shear? Do you drop by with a simple, inexpensive gift that really means something to your customer? I know many of you do, those that are not, consider trying it. This really was just two simple things my friends did, but they made a lasting memory that I guarantee you I'll be telling others about for months.

A quick note:
Kamran sells some of the best promotional products I've ever seen. If you'd like to get in touch with him, his e-mail is

To find out more about Louisa and Worthwhile Company, visit their website at

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