Wednesday, December 8, 2010

OH MY!!! Not Good!

Okay. Here is the flipside of inside work. Bad inside work is just as bad, if not worse, than no inside work. Glen received these from a sharpener that picked them up from a new customer. He sent them in for two reasons:

1. To show us.

2. To see if ANTHING could be done to at least make them workable.

In this case, we had to tell this sharpener these shears were dead in the water.

Not Sure What's Wrong Here? Let Me Point Out a Few Issues:

1. Way overworked in the ride area behind the screw.

2. Way too much pressure at the tip. This and set mostly caused the wipe out at the tip.

3. Not sure what happened to the set, but bad set is PART of the reason for the wavy inside ride line.

What Should You Do If You Run Into a Shear Like This in the Field?

I strongly suggest you click on the link below and hit the blue button!!!!!

(For a better look at this shear. Click on the image above to enlarge)


  1. Customer probably wouldn't be happy but if OK'd why not just grind past the messed up part and start a new with just a little less scissor ??
    You could be a hero if you salvaged at least some of their scissor ?

  2. Way too much was taken off the ride area on these in my opinion. I think the only way to fix them would have been to regrind the hollow (not really an option on this one cause not enough metal left and too much free handing for most sharpeners including me) or start some set behind the screw hole in the ride area and work forward, then add some twist in the blade. I think I MAY have been able to make that work, but there was a high chance of breakage over the screw hole (I would have been using a 3 ton press to do this). I suggested I could try it, but the sharpener said the stylist didn't want to take the risk and wanted them back, so I didn't get to give this a try.

    Also, if you were the one that asked why I don't post people's comments on my blog, I do, but only check to see if any have come through every so often. I started getting some spam last year in comments and decided to go to moderation. Now I just need cloning technology so I have someone to check for the comments. :)

    BTW, when you say grind past the messed up part, I'm not 100% sure what you mean. Could you elaborate a little further?