Friday, August 15, 2008


Wow! Over 55000 page views! Thanks for all the attention! I'm always amazed at the number of hits Jim Sharp gets each day. I hope you're continuing to get a lot out of this blog. It's the best medium I've found to pass Wolff news and info I find on the web along to you.

If you have any topic suggestions for Jim Sharp, or On The Edge, please let me know. The best way to get in touch with me is by e-mail at

While I'm writing this, let me pass along an update on the Wolff/ Huff Show that takes place October 17-19 in Anaheim, CA. The show is half full as of today, so there are still seats available, but remember that seating is limited to 50. The cost to attend the show is $89 and the room rate at the host hotel is $89/ night. If you've never been to one of these shows, you should consider coming. The seminars are great, but the real benefit to shows like these is the networking you get to do with other sharpeners. The ideas you pick up will help improve your skills and grow your business.

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