Thursday, July 30, 2009

Service Awesomeness!

One of the things I try to pound into the heads of my students is service is everything, especially in this business. Getting our customers to trust us, see that we're reliable, and stand behind what we do is a must!

Here recently, I had the chance to benefit from this kind of service from Spartan Copy, the copy machine sales and service center I use. I had bought a new copier from them for the newsletter I do for professional sharpeners called On The Edge. When I went to hook this new unit up to my computer, I couldn't get the driver to load properly on my computer or ledger size paper to print. I called them after hours, left a message telling them my problem, and hoped they'd be available to help the next day.

I got a call at 7:50am while on my way to work. The tech told me he would meet me that afternoon and he fixed my problems. Great example of quick, thoughtful service!

Now I had no doubt that Spartan Copy would handle things this way, I've used them for years and the confidence I have in them is why I continue to buy from them when I need new equipment and pay for their service contract. Instilling THIS kind of confidence in your customers about you and your business should be a daily goal. Confidence is king in a service business!

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