Thursday, July 30, 2009

Measuring a Beauty Shear to Fit the Hand of a Stylist

I get a number of questions concerning how to sell shears. There are many pointers and tips I have for this, but I wanted to share two with you today and they are two methods you can use to fit a beauty shear to a Stylist's hand if she asks if a particular shear is the right size for her.

Now the tips I show in this video are not etched in stone, they are only rules of thumb. The best shear for your client is always the one that feels right in their hand and that they enjoy cutting with. You also have to take into account what they will be using the shear for and how long a length of cut they want to do. But I'll save these topics for a future post or article in my newsletter.

With that said, take a look at the video below. It's not my best video, but I think it explains the points I want to make clearly enough. As always, if you have and questions just e-mail me or call.

The Sharpeners Jam I mentioned in the video has already taken place this year and was a great success from what I hear. Here is a link to the Bonika web site with info about shows like this.


  1. Nice video Jim! I usually teach a variation of the first method.

    -Grant (aka ScissorBoy)