Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Here I sit in Mount Holly, NC just a few miles from the Charlotte Airport. I have a 7 am flight and I'm not much of a morning person, so I decided to spend the night up here and not have to get up so early.

I figured I'd take a few minutes and drop you a few pictures I took at the Grooming Show I went to last Friday that was just up the highway from here. The first picture is Andrew Beard of Kenchii Shears with Sue Zecco, one of the number one groomers in the country. Sue is hiding behind the table, but trust me, she as pretty and sweet a lady as you could ever want to meet. You know this must be true, just look at the grin on Andrews face!

Picture number two is of Chuck with Groomer's Helper. I just featured an article on Chuck in On The Edge this month. The Groomer's Helper Affiliate Program is a great deal for sharpeners.

Picture number three is of the new line of Oster Grooming Shears and picture number four shows Randy Lowe of Precission Sharp at his finest!

It was good to see many of my friends. Regretfully, my picture of Joe Coladarci with ProLine Shears didn't come out, but I got some great pictures of his sharpening bench he designed for his minivan. I'll be featuring those in next months On The Edge.

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