Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm sure we have all seen that gum commercial where chewing this piece of gum can clean up a dirty mouth. In my opinion, more sharpeners need to chew it!

Too often I hear and read about sharpeners bad-mouthing other sharpeners! What a silly thing to do! Of course, as I write this I'm beginning to realize that I'm bad-mouthing bad-mouthers, but I'll just have to take the heat for that! :)

If you want a good example of why you should never bad-mouth your competition, read this article. It drives the point home and also shows what speaking respectfully about the other businesses in your area can do.

I know it is hard sometimes NOT to say a bad word or two when you see some of the sharpening that is done out there, but resist! Go over your competition, not under them or through them! Present yourself professionally and your customers will respect you for it!

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  1. Hi from New Zealand.
    Do any of you mobile sharpeners have definite views on wether its best to provide power to your sharpening machines and lights from a small generator such as Honda's EU 10i or a power inverter and a bank of batteries.
    I currently use a Honda but would welcome feed back for next time round.
    Thanks, Cyril