Wednesday, November 21, 2007


What a great couple of days! I got to see Stephen work his wonder while riding with him yesterday! I can see why he sell so many shears!!!

What he does is simple. Everyone can do it! The write up will be in next months On The Edge.

I also found a really nice voice message on my cell phone when I got home from Steve. This is what he said about his new Hira-To:

"I just sharpened my first beauty shear by myself on the Hira-To, and it came out great!!!!!! The ironic thing is the shear I did was an Ookami 302. What's the chance of that?!!! Thanks for all your help and patience! I love the new machine!!!!"

The Hira-To, with it's patented fixture, will help set you apart from all the other sharpeners in your area too! Drop by and look it over! If you have any questions, just give us a call here at Wolff 1-800-888-3832.

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