Friday, November 30, 2007


John Patterson was president and founder of the National Cash Register Company. He is also credited with starting some of the first sales boot camps, writing some the first books on overcoming objections and developing the original personality sales model. In short, he was one of the fathers of American Salesmanship!

If you want to learn more about how his sales techniques could help your business, Jeffrey Gitomer wrote a book about him called The Patterson Principles of Selling. It is one of my favorite books! It's just 120 pages, an easy read and packed with stellar information!!!!

If you'd like a taste of what you'll find in Jeffrey's book, check out this GitBit from Jeffrey's website (Once you get to his site, sign up so you can take full advantage of It's FREE!). This link is packed with powerful lessons that will help you sell more! If you like it, buy the book! It stays on my shelf here at Wolff and I refer to it often!

For more study on the history of John Patterson, take a look at this post on the HBS Working Knowledge Website. It is another great run down of Mr. Patterson's experience and how it can be applied today! Have a good weekend!!!

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  1. Jim, another good read! I always like your book recommendations. I read a good one recently called Question Based Selling by Thomas Freese. Mike F. Tacoma WA.