Thursday, November 29, 2007


It was a fruitful day yesterday! I had a terrific time with Joe and we got a lot done!

The new Foley building in Kansas City is a little smaller than it used to be, but well put together and effective. All the ladies up front were as nice as they could be and I was glad I had the chance to finally meet some of them. It was fun watching all of them work together decorating for Christmas.

Shortly after getting there, and meeting with Tim (he's the big guy around town), Joe and I holed up in a back room and got to work. I took him through the paces on the Hira-To® first. I showed him how the clamp works for both right and left hand shears, how to lock the blade in and proper convexing techniques. He took to it like he's been doing it forever! :) We talked about some of the difficulties I've seen my newbie students struggle with when they first start on the machine, and discussed how to overcome them. Joe said that by far, it's the best Flat Hone he's seen in all his years doing this!

We also took some time to work with the Ookami® Convexing Clamp. He had never seen me use it before and had a number of questions. After going through the procedures, Joe picked right up on it and plans to suggest Foley look at carrying it too. After that, we worked with the new Corru-Gator. Two seconds and he was corrugating on it, and he said anyone else could too! It was the easiest machine he has ever used! He could definitely see the benefit it will be to industrial customers and to any sharpeners that want to produce a perfect corrugation.

All I can say was it was fun! And Joe and I found out that we had something else in common, we both worked in optics before getting into sharpening. Small world! Today I am off to the Kansas City Airport area to look at potential hotels for a future Wolff/ Huff Show. I'll let you know what I find.

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