Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Social media is a hot topic these days. How effective is it in generating sales, no one really knows, but there are many good arguments for getting your business involved. One way to start doing this is to create a Facebook Page for your business. This is similar to a Profile Page, but for a business. There are a number of big name companies doing this as another means of advertising.

Why do I suggest you look into it? Most sharpeners have a strong focus on stylists, many of them are young, and most are on Facebook. If you create a page for your business, and put the address on your business card, you will look more progressive to the younger crowd. Will they utalize the page? I don't know, but they might. Is it worth a look? That's up to you. Ask a few of your trusted customers what they would think about you having a Facebook Page. Heck, you may even be able to convince one of them to create one for you for a few sharpening or a shear. See what they say.

I'm including a few links if you're interested in pursuing this. I've looked into it some, but I haven't built a Facebook Page for Wolff yet because I don't think it fits my target market. I do have a Facebook Profile Page though; because I think eventually I'll find a fit there. Here are the links:

Articles about big name companies using Facebook

Facebook's page on how to create Business Pages

Blog post on creating Business Pages on Facebook

Facebook vs. LinkedIn (I'll take about LinkedIn in a future post)

These links and more

Time is a factor in all our businesses. You may have no interest in doing something like this, but remember, it's also important to stay educated when you're in business. Things change fast in this day and age, so it's good to look at new marketing mediums, even if you don't intend to utilize them right now.


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