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Patrick Williams wrote a great post on his blog that all sharpeners should read! He is absolutely right! People give up too soon on potential customers. Make sure you keep going back because to win a customer over, sometimes it takes more visits than you'd expect. Here is a copy of his post titled Don't Stop below. For more tips, visit Patrick's website at:

A lot has been said about persistence, but is it possible to quantify how much persistence you need?

Let me share with you some interesting stats I came across recently. They prove conclusively that your sales should rock if you don’t stop before making at least 5 calls on a customer.

According to Sales & Marketing Executives Club of Los Angeles, 81% of professional salespeople will close on the 5th customer call. Here’s the full breakdown:

2 % close on the 1st call
3 % close on the 2nd call
4 % close on the 3rd call
10 % close on the 4th call
81 % close on the 5th call

Next up, data from the Dartnell Corporation which reveals that 90% of all sales people stop trying to make a sale before the 5th customer call. Here’s the full rundown:

48 % quit after the 1st call
24 % quit after the 2nd call
12 % quit after the 3rd call
6 % quit after the 4th call
10 % quit after the 5th call

What does this all mean? It means that over 80% of sales are being made by 10% of the salespeople in the world. And if you don’t stop before the 5th customer call, chances are good you will be the #1 salesperson in your firm...maybe even #1 in your market.

So, whatever you do, don’t stop!

Thanks to Mike Feagins for passing this along.

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