Thursday, December 4, 2008


I just wanted to let everyone know that Wolff is running a 20% off sale on their 200 Series Beauty Shears for the rest of December. You must order 6 pair to get the 20% off, but you can mix and match those 6 beauty shears any way you wish. You'll see a flier on this starting next week in all your orders. This is 20% off the wholesale price, so it's a great deal. If you'd like more details, the best thing to do is call. I can't put pricing on an open forum like this.

The 200 Series Wolff Shears are some of the best on the market in their class. Your customers will love them! Give them a try! If you've never sold shears before, and you have some questions, I'm happy to help. Just give me a call at 800-888-3832 and I tell you some easy ways you can sell a shear for a profit (without FEELING like your selling).

Note: Screws and finger rests are gold!

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