Monday, December 1, 2008


I was writing about setting the tension of a beauty shear and testing its free-fall the other day. It was in the article about seating your washer in the December issue of On The Edge Newsletter*. Just to be sure everyone knows what I'm talking about, I wanted to write this post.

When preparing to test a shears free-fall, be sure the tip is pointing straight up at the ceiling.

Then take your finger blade and lift it up so that it's at 180 degrees apposed to your thumb blade to form a cross or plus sign with the shear. The thumb blade should still be pointing at the ceiling.

Let go of the finger blade and it will "free-fall" toward the other blade. If tensioned properly, the finger blade should come to a stop about half way up the thumb blade. If the shear falls all the way shut, tighten it a little more and test again. Continue adjusting the shear until the free-fall is tensioned properly and the finger blade stops at the half way point. If you have any questions concerning this, just give me a call at 800-888-3832 or on my cell at 864-909-3381.

*On The Edge is a 12 page monthly newsletter that is designed especially for Scissors Sharpeners and Clipper Blade Sharpeners! A one year subscription is only $39.95 for the paper version or $34.95 for the electronic version. If you'd like to order a subscription to On The Edge, or find out more, please call 864-909-3381.

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