Wednesday, December 10, 2008

OVER 70,000 HITS!!!

WOW! Over 70,000 hits! Thank you so much for reading my blog. I really hope you find it worthwhile. I do my best to provide information that will help you grow your business, even in difficult economic times like this.

Here are a few of the posts I wrote that I think have some value since I last said thanks at 55,000 hits:

Scissor Sharpening Machines and Equipment - What is the difference between your Twice as Sharp®, Ookami Gold®, and Hira-To® Sharpening Systems? This is a question I get often here at Wolff Industries. Here is a quick break down...Click here to read on.

A Great Reason to Buy a Flat Hone from Wolff - One of the great things about Wolff Industries is that it's a business...Click here to read on.

20% Off Beauty Shears - This is just a reminder that Wolff has their 200 series beauty shears on sale for the rest of the month of December if you order them in lots of 6 or more. Click here to see the details.

What Goes Into Stainless Steel - When training, I discuss stainless steel and the different kinds of metals that are mixed into it. One of the tools I use...Click here to read on.

Another Video I use in Class - Last week I mentioned that I show a video by Alton Brown about the make up of steel to my students. Another video I also often show during class is... Click here to read on.

Be Sure to Seat the Washer - I was talking to a sharpener the other day and he was asking me about a problem he runs up against from time-to-time. He said that on occasion, a pair of shears he's sharpened will come loose in the pivot and...Click here to read on.

Free-Fall - When preparing to test a shears free-fall, be sure...Click here to read on.

Different Beauty Shear Handles - There are many different handle styles on beauty shears, but the three most common you'll run into are...Click here to read on.

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