Friday, December 5, 2008


Selling the shears you carry shouldn't feel like selling. It should feel like one friend telling another friend about a great deal!

Sharpeners think that selling something, other then their sharpening service, is unpleasant. That's just not true! If you have a line of shears you believe in, maybe even love, when you tell someone about them you're not "selling" them, you're "telling" them.

Stylists need shears to work, right? As their sharpener, you're one of their trusted advisers, right? So if you have a favorite line of shears you should tell them about them, right? Right! And you should do so with excitement!

Try this. Order a nice shear holster you can hang on your side, just like the ones your customers wear. Make sure it's a nice one! Fill it with shears you sell. That case will get noticed! When it does say, "You think the holster is nice, you should see the shears!" Then show off the line. It doesn't have to be hard to sell! And if you really do love the line, all you'll be doing is telling them what you like. If they don't buy, it's not a failure. You just told a friend about something you like, that's all.

I know "sales" is hard. One of the main reasons many people avoid selling is because of the failure rate. Don't let this be you! Look for opportunities to tell others about the products you love and that you know will help them. Don't push, provide. Don't sell, tell.

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