Wednesday, October 1, 2008


There are many different handle styles on beauty shears, but the three most common you'll run into are shown in this picture.

The shear on the top is called a straight handled shear. The finger holes are directly across from each other and the center of the handle is inline with the blades.

The shear in the middle is called an offset shear. On this shear, the thumb hole is moved forward which makes it more ergonomically correct.

The shear on the bottom is called a crane handle. On this shear the thumb is moved forward and the finger handle is inline with the blades. This allows a stylist to hold the blades directly in front of them at 180 degrees without having to lift their elbow. This helps keep stress off the shoulder.

Click on the image for a better view of the shears.

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  1. Hey Jim,

    I use almost the exact same picture in my classes (of course I used pics of my own shears).