Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I need to let everybody know that unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the show in Anaheim this weekend. This is because of medical reasons and my Doctor would rather I not fly at this time. Please rest assured though, my condition is not uncommon for a man of my age, it's not life threatening in any way, and I am on the mend; I'm just not well enough to travel yet.

With that said, I now get to share some good news, Glen Burke is my replacement. Many of you have spoken to Glen on the phone and he is an excellent sharpener! Here is a copy of his write up in the show program:

Glen has been sharpening since the 1990’s. We first met Glen at the 1999 Wolff Show in Reno where he graciously offered to man our camera during the seminars. That led to a friendship that saw him approved and certified as a Wolff Industries trainer and eventually led to us moving him from Salt Lake City, UT to Spartanburg, SC to work for Wolff full time. Glen specializes in sharpening training and technical support, he also builds our Hira-To® systems and assists our machinist in the manufacturing of our other equipment. He has been a great asset to Wolff over the years.

He'll do a awesome job for you and is looking forward to meeting many of you. I'm so sorry that I will not be there and will be thinking about all of you this weekend. Enjoy your time together and I look forward to hearing all about the show.


  1. Hey Jim
    Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Hope you get well soon.
    You probably don't remember training me back in 1999, but apparently it took, I'm still at it, more as a hobby than a business. I take care of the locals though.
    While you are in this weekend check out my blog.


    Get well soon

  2. Now how could I forget a friend with a name like Lucky Payne? :) Of course I remember and I'm so glad your still sharpening. Thanks for letting me know about your blog. Let me know if I can help you in any way.