Friday, October 3, 2008


Just a heads up that Wolff now carries 6" Silicone Carbide PSA micron discs for the Hira-To. They are the same price as the Aluminum Oxide discs and come in 30, 15, and 9 micron. We have the 15's and 9's in stock, and the 30's should be here soon. For more info, give Glen or myself a call at 800-888-3832. I'll be adding these new discs to the Wolff Website next week.


  1. Is there any benefit / difference between Sic or AO?

  2. Many claim silicone carbide with cut cooler and last longer.

  3. Jim,
    I just wanted to comment about a recent experience with the Hira-To clamp that I purchased to add to my existing flat hone.
    I went to one of the local beauty schools where I sharpened some 26 convex shears. As I was sharpening along using the Hira-To clamp I was about half done with the 26 shears when I discovered the shear I was starting on was different, low and behold it was a lefty. I had not had a chance to do a lefty with the Hira-To yet and this was one of the reasons I bought the Hira-To. I quickly changed the clamp from 47o right handed to 47o left handed and very quickly had the shear sharpened up. The biggest problem I had was that everything had to run backwards compared to what I was used to, this included redoing the ride on my 3000 grit stone. This was probably the hardest part of doing that lefty. The shear turned out perfectly and the student was very happy with her “sharp” shear.