Thursday, October 9, 2008


I just wanted to pass along this information to you. I received a couple of notes from Kenchii yesterday:

Kenchii News:
In honor of breast cancer awareness month Kenchii is selling the Pink Poodle and the Pink models for $199.00 retail and [please call Wolff for price] wholesale. Please note you may advertise them for less than $298.00, but not less than $199.00. (Click here to read Kenchii's MAP policy for advertising their product)
The prices on the Pink Poodle and the Kenchii Pinks have been adjusted on the Wolff Website.
To see pricing and view the Pink Poodles, click here.
To see pricing for the Kenchii Pinks, click here. To view one of the Kenchii Pinks, click here.

Kenchii News:
We also are selling all the Leopard and the Tribal models to distributors [please call Wolff for the price. I can't put distributor pricing on a public site like this, BUT it's a sweet deal]. To get this special price you must order a minimum of 6 pieces total. These will be sold on prepaid terms only and must be sold as discontinued. They will not be sold with the Kenchii box. (To view one of the Leopard shears, click here)
You'll have to call in to order these. There's no easy way for me to enter these into the system here at Wolff at this discount, we'll have to adjust the prices on the fly.

Wolff News:
As far as Wolff is concerned, I also wanted to let everyone know that the 30 micron silicone carbide PSA discs have arrived. Click here to see the related post.

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