Tuesday, July 17, 2007


It was a great day yesterday! Got to rub noses with most of my overseas suppliers and spend some time with good friends from here in the states like Matt K. Andis, Matt's dad and Ramone Eickert . Other than the visits though, I was a little disappointed in the show. Not much new this year!

I also had the chance to eat at a brazilian restaurant yesterday evening. They cook many different kinds of meat and bring it out to you and carve you as much as you want. Cool! Good company too! Sammy Cheema from Kenchii and Joe Coladarci joined us.

While I'm writing this I'm sitting in the Las Vegas Airport waiting for my flight to San Francisco. Once I get there I'll stop at Mike Solaegui's place and then take my time going down coast on SR-1. I'll take a few pictures along the way and post them if I can get online during this leg of the trip.

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