Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Ever go to a fast food restaurant? Notice those pretty pictures of the food above the counter? Well here are some examples of a counter ad and the real product! Yuck!!! And this is what it's like at every one of these restaurants!

So my question is, what does your literature look like, and what do you look like? If they don't match on either side, NOT GOOD!!!!

Your Mother told you, "You only get one chance at a first impression!" This may seem basic, but over and over again I see "Professional Sharpeners" that just don't look that "Professional"!! Don't be one of these!

Tips about this:

  • Dress to impress
  • Design a nice looking, or unique, business card
  • Have colorful, well designed literature

To dress to impress, go to any department store (with your wife or girlfriend if you're male) and buy some nice clothes. As for the card and literature, take a look at Vista Print or any of the other online printers. They have all kinds of templates you can use to design these things and the price is great! Online stuff not your thing? Go to your local Community College and get a Graphics Art Student to design some stuff for you. This won't cost you much and then you can bring the files to a local printer and have them made.

If you're printing your own stuff right now, that may not be bad, just get some unbiased opinions about what you're printing. AND ALWAYS USE GOOD QUALITY PAPER STOCK!!! First impressions are important in a service business! Invest in a Good First Impression!!!!!


  1. Well Jim, nice cloths wouldn't help my appearance. And I'm not wearing long pants when it is above 95 degrees every day. (no a/c in my work truck). And you know, my business couldn't be any better than it already is. I have to turn business down on a daily basis, there are only so many hours in a day to satisfy my customers. My truck and my no how get and keep my customers. A facad like a shiny new pair of pants and long sleave shirt is nothing compared to giving your customers a good job, and knowing everything about your business.

  2. I can see why that you sign your comment anonymous. If you will not improve your apperance then how can you expect to improve you attitude. There is a lot of business out there for the sharpeners that are professional. If a professional looking competior moves into your area you may be looking for that new sharper looking outfit.
    Ron Persing