Thursday, August 9, 2007


If you are, and you're using Power Point during your class, you need to take a look at Dick Hardt's presentation below! Tony Clark, in his Blog Success from the Nest, said,
"Creating an engaging and compelling presentation is hard. Creating an engaging and compelling story is easier."
He's right! Most Power Point presentations stink!! In fact, after watching Dick Hardt's presentation, mine stink!!! I'll be doing something about that! To view Dick's presentation, click on one of the choices provided in the link above. You can chose large or small steaming video or large or small in Quick Time.

Do what Dick has done! Write a story, not a presentation! The video clip is a little long, but you don't have to watch all of it to get the idea of how to properly incorporate Power Point into a class.

If you have trouble loading Dick's streaming video because of the Flash content or you don't have Quick Time on your computer, try this presentation by Jeff Brenman. It shows many of the same things, but without sound and you have to click forward to each slide. Dick's is better though!!!!!!

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