Tuesday, August 28, 2007


One of the things I enjoy when on vacation, is I have some time to watch TV. We don't have cable or satellite at home since we seldom watch TV anyway, so cable is a treat.

One of my wife's favorite channels is Discovery, so we were watching it one evening after we put the kids to bed and the rest of the family turned in. The show was called Blue Planet and they were filming in the Arctic; it was about polar bears.

We learned a lot, but during one point of the program, it showed a polar bear hunting seal. It would rear up and smash the ice over and over until be broke through to the den. The bear was not successful on this hunt, and the narrator said that the bears are usually only successful one out of every twenty attempts! That's when Tisha turned to me and said, "That's just like what you teach in your sales class, isn't it." Well said!

Often nature imitates our daily lives. Just like the polar bear has to fail enough times to succeed, so do we! When it comes to your business, you have to be willing to fail; just like that bear! When you call on a customer, you give it all you've got! If you're successful, you get to eat! If you fail, you move on to the next customer!

Do you want to be more successful? Fail more!!! Get in front of more people, and you'll see your numbers grow and grow!! Like to eat? So do polar bears! Follow their example!


  1. On days that I have meet my quota for the day ($ figure)early, I myself like to go out on the "grizzley bear run". I venture into parts where I don't have a heavy customer base. You tend to get less down on yourself when you already have a pocket full of money, so getting the "we're all set" greeting is less painful. Plus, by already having made my daily figure, it means that I have done a lot of work, and my hands are dirty enough to show it! It surprises me on the girls that will notice my hands and notice how dirty they are, and commment on this. My response to them is, "if they weren't dirty, it would mean i wasn't doing anything. Be leary of a clean handed sharpener.

    The moral of this story, is never quit when your right pocket's full; try to fill the left one.

  2. I run my business with honesty and integrity and I never attack other sharpeners personally unless I know they cheated a stylist ($260 for a pair of $30 cast Chinese shears....... some others will just call that good business, I do not) But I do not hesitate to attack bad work whether it be the result of bad equipment, bad training, poor skills or lousy attitude. I am tired of being included in the same image these folks have created for sharpeners and I dont hesitate to tell stylists what I think of their work. Once a stylist has used me, I rarely need to mention the others again.