Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Starting a business is scary! Doing cold calls is scary! Asking for the sale is scary! It's a scary world!

Jim Sharp is designed to promote Wolff Products and keep you informed about what's new and cool, but it's also designed to encourage you! Many people buy a sharpener, unpack it, play with it, but they never really start their business. Why? Fear! Many people start their business, but never REALLY go after it; so they flounder around in the midst of mediocrity. Why? They don't think they can do it!! We often fear what we've never done; not realizing that if we have a passion for something, there's a good chance we could be great!!!

Watch this video and you'll see that this shy young man walked right past his fear, up to a microphone and dazzled a crowd! You can do the same!!!! If you haven't started your business, start! If you've started and you're struggling, dig in!! Desire + determination is a powerful thing! It takes courage to leave a comfort zone, DO IT!!

By the way! If you've done it , share it!! Post how you overcame something you feared in this business in the comment section below.

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