Wednesday, October 31, 2007


"Dr. W. Edwards Deming is known as the father of the Japanese post-war industrial revival and was regarded by many as the leading quality guru in the United States. Trained as a statistician, his expertise was used during World War II to assist the United States in its effort to improve the quality of war materials. He was invited to Japan at the end of World War II by Japanese industrial leaders and engineers. They asked Dr. Deming how long it would take to shift the perception of the world from the existing paradigm that Japan produced cheap, shoddy imitations to one of producing innovative quality products."

What does this have to do with sharpening? Everything! In fact, Dr. Deming's 14 Points is a great outline for any business to adopt as their modus operandi. Take a look at all 14 points and see which ones you think you should apply to your business!

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  1. Jim: This one is worth printing out and applying to any size business. Thanks!!
    Oh, and congratulations to Wolff for producing an exellent new flat hone, the Toma-to. I have watched AB using it and you did not miss anything in the design.
    Ralph C Barger