Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Wow! Talk about busy!! I've been going non-stop since I left for Harrisburg on Thursday!

I just finished entering all the show orders yesterday, so everything is on its way! Thank you to all that made this show such a success! We had a few return visitors and each said this was the best one, even Mike who has been to all three.

The show is evolving. These smaller, more personal shows are new to us as well. We're working on improving them each time. One of the best evolutions is the marketing brainstorm session! I've always said that the real value to any show isn't the teaching (that's best done one-on-one), it's the networking! This brainstorm puts a group together and lets them exchange ideas and find help in overcoming problems. It's my favorite part of the show!

As for the teaching seminars, Mike did great! His nipper machine is easy to use and well worth the investment if you're looking at targeting that market! The Huffman's were great as always, and I got to hammer set into a shear for everyone and show off some of Wolff's new equipment. All the details will be in the write up in On The Edge! I'd love to know what those of you that attended the show thought about it. Drop me an e-mail when you get a chance! Thanks!!!

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