Wednesday, October 17, 2007


When applying polishing pads or back up pads to the metal plates for flat hones, it's hard to center them! Glen made a cool little jig to help overcome this problem.

You can see in the pictures that he just pressed two pins into an aluminum base that helps keep the pad you're applying in line with the metal plate. Thought it was pretty cool! You may want to build one yourself. You could make it out of a block of wood and a couple of dowel pins.

The new Felt Polishing Discs are packed and ready to go out tomorrow! Would have gotten them out sooner, but we had a huge run on the Hira-To machines and had to spend time building more for my show samples!

Speaking of the show, I have a pile of boxes ready to be loaded into "His Majesties Chariot", also known as David's Yukon. Andrew and I hit the road first thing in the morning.

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