Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I hate to do it, but I'm going to have to pull a disappearing act for a few days. I have a bunch of projects due and they're going to take all of my focus, so blogging will have to be set aside until next week. With that said, here are a few links to some posts you might find interesting in the mean time:

Is it getting to be 1980 all over again? - This one might scare you. I'm not sure if I agree with all Jeff says, but it's sound advice to be considered in this economy.

If you can't tie your tie, show up at Starbucks - You'll see that customer service isn't dead and the little things still mean a lot.

YES! CBS goes whiteboard - This is a good post that shows the power of telling stories with pictures. This is a good one to view if you do presentations at schools or organizations. The book The Back of the Napkin will be a good read when it comes out.

Self-confidence is a must for business and personal success - This is just a good old fashioned reminder that we need to show confidence when we put ourselves in front of our customers and prospects.

I'll be back at it full steam next week. If you need me before then, just give me a call.

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