Monday, February 11, 2008


I don't want anyone to get discouraged about this sales series I've started writing. You REALLY CAN make MORE MONEY if you add sales to your business plan! Just to help get you a little more excited about the possibilities sales can bring, I want to share a story.

A few months ago, I had to visit the other side of our great country. While there, I set up some training time with a couple of Hira-To owners. One of these students lived in one of the larger cities on the west coast. Part way through the day we had to stop the class so he could take care of some of his customers in the area. We set aside about an hour and a half for this.

To make a short story shorter, the bugger sold two shears and picked up enough sharpening to add up to just under $900 dollars! All in just an hour and a half!!! Now this was NOT a normal hour and a half! So don't start growing really big dollar signs in your eyes! But the point I wanted to make was a full 50% of this high dollar hour and a half was because of the shear sales.

Now it's not like this fellow just sold these shears out of the blue. The lady that bought them expressed an interest in one of them the week before, and that was one of the main motivators that pulled us out of class. She was already in his pipeline! (I'll be writing more about pipelines soon) What he didn't expect was to sell two shears! A nice surprise!

Now you may be thinking that this can happen only in a big city. NOT TRUE! I've personally witnessed similar results all over the country. So don't think sales can't add up for you! A shear sale can turn a good day into a spectacular day in the time it takes your customer to write a check! If you want to add to your bottom line, add sales! I'll share more about pipelines later this week.

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