Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 NBTSG

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This year's first day of classes at the NBTSG in Kansas City were fantastic. Here's a list of the sharpening, sales and other classes for the day.

Morning Classes:
Setting up Routes - Gene Megowan
Basic Scissors Sharpening - Bonnie Megowan
Corrugating, Adjusting Setting, Handle Bending - Dennis Brooks
Beginners Clipper Repair - Jason Sturm
Clipper Blade Sharpening - Ian Parsons

Afternoon Classes:
Sharpening Straight Razors - Dayna Schleufer
Edgework on Shears - Bonnie Megowan
Clipper Blade Sharpening - Bob Schiessl
Advanced Clipper Repair - Jason Sturm
Selling Shears - Gene Megowan

The video above shows a few clips of what went on. For more details click here to see On The Edge Newsletter. There will be a full write up.