Thursday, September 20, 2007


I can't emphasize enough how important it is to keep your water stone flat!!! It is simple to do! Here are the steps and tools I use...

This is an 8000 Grit Shapton Professional Stone I've been using for some time. You can see that it's pretty worn on both sides of the stone! Next to the stone is an 3" X 8" Eze-Lap 600/1200 diamond plate. I use this to dress in my stones. I'm using the 600 side.

I spray both the stone and the diamond plate with water, and I work the stone back and forth along the length of the plate.

After a few strokes, you can see how this stone is worn more in the middle than on the outsides edges. I check my progress every few strokes, adding water to the stone and plate each time until I've flattened my water stone.

This picture shows the stone after it's been flattened.

This last picture shows the machinist straight edge I use to test my diamond plate and water stone to see if they are flat. You can purchase the straight edge from Huff's Wholesale.

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  1. Thank you Jim Sharp for the directions. I was just planning on resurfacing my stone and wasn't sure how to go about it. If one little area of the stone was imperfect it could easily cause me to redo service work. john kerr