Monday, September 10, 2007


Today has been busy enough! I just finished editing the new Andis Repair videos for Huff's Wholesale. The last of the three is burning right now. After I'm done with that, I need to burn a copy of each and send them to the Huffman's for approval.

The three DVD's are:

How to Repair Andis AGC Clippers
How to Repair Andis AG Clippers
How to Repair Andis AGP Clippers

To view these clippers online, click here and enter the model in the search box on the Andis Site. Next in line is Huff's Video for their 16 Inch Extreme Kut Clipper Blade Sharpener. I will be working on that later today and Wednesday.

Tomorrow, more fun starts! We are flying Jason Pintel in to do some more brainstorming on the Hira-To. Jason has some ideas to improve the head and he's thinking about some attachments. We're going to go through some more training and look at some new discs I've been working on here at Wolff.

For those that have already ordered the Hira-To, you will be getting a new felt disc to try with some diamond compound. The Hira-To comes standard with the 3 Micron Polishing Disc, but I want to offer other options for polishing as well. Once the new discs are out and tested by our Hira-To owners, I'll let you know the results.

I will also have this new felt disc and hopefully a version of the Ookami Gold Polishing Wheel in Disc Form at the Wolff/Huff Show in Harrisburg. There's only three seats left at the show as I write this post, so if you want to come, sign up right away!!!

I will be busy in Wolff's Training Center with Jason tomorrow, so I won't be online. I will post about the visit on Wednesday.

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