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I have some exciting news for mobile sharpeners that sharpen clipper blades on the van with their CS 101. After Jason, owner of The Edge Pro, purchased Nebraska Blades and the rights to the CS 101 clipper blade sharpener, he immediately started working on ways to reduce the power draw at the startup of the machine. He has done this by adding a WEG VFD controller, a new 240/3 phase motor and bracket, and a variable speed controller. The controller converts the power to 240/3 phase and also adds a brake to the unit. I have been testing a prototype of this set up for the past couple of months and I'm happy to report it is doing everything Jason hoped it would do, and I think maybe a little more. I know that Jason was shooting for less than a 6 amp draw on startup and about a 1 amp draw on continuous run. In my estimation, the machine draws a little bit less than 6 amps on startup, even fitted with a 16-inch plate, and runs at the target amperage even while sharpening. I have been very impressed with this new unit and I'm sure you will be too.  Don't panic though if you already have a CS 101 and want to get this set up because the great news is you won't have to buy a new machine! Jason will have an up-fit kit that will allow you to enhance your machine next month. Let's take a moment and talk to Jason about where he's at in this process and how you can up-fit your existing machine you have now.

OTE: Hi Jason, I'm so glad the new unit is working so well. It will be a great enhancement for those working in mobile units. It's been a big help to me. How soon will it be before others can get their hands on either an up-fit kit or a new unit?
Jason: All The components are in the fabricator's hands as we speak. All we are waiting on now is new cabinets and we plan to have new units ready to ship on March 1st.

OTE: How about the Up-fit Kits? Will they come out at the same time?
Jason: Yes! That is the plan anyway.

OTE: What will the sharpener need to do to their machine to do the up-fit?
Jason: The sharpener will need to drill a few new holes for the instrument panel and will need to cut a square opening in the cabinet for an instrument panel. There will be precise instructions and templates to do this. They will need to remove the motor and bracket, mount the new bracket and motor to the base of the unit, mount the converter to the base of the unit, and then connect the wires. This may sound complicated, but trust me; it will be easy to do. Also, if they want us to up-fit it for them we can do that, but that will require a lot of shipping cost. They can also have a local machine shop do it for them.

OTE: Will there be a video?
Jason: Yes, there will be a video. One will come with the up-fit kit and we will have that same video online on our YouTube channel so people can preview it before they decide to buy one and do the up-fit.

OTE: Thanks Jason, that sounds easy enough.

I can speak from experience that this machine set up will reduce the amount of draw on your batteries. In fact, I have been running my whole unit on just one 1150-amp AGM deep cycle battery and charging it each night. By the end of the day the battery is only depleted about 70% max depending on how busy I am. With that said, I am only running my sharpening machines and lights right now, I do not have a compressor or vacuum system running in the unit yet. Once I add that I will need to add an additional battery or two or hook up to the van battery because of the draw those units will pull.

If you have additional questions about this enhanced CS 101 or the new kit, please be sure to give The Edge Pro a call and they will be glad to answer any questions you have. Their number is 866-963-1990. You can also contact them by email at

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