Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Mike Borsch of Clipper Shack will be joining us at the Wolff/ Huff Show in Harrisburg, PA in October. He has developed a cuticle nipper sharpening machine that works great and sells for under $1000 dollars!

I had the chance to see this machine first hand when I went to see Jason Pintel in California. It is simple, fast and does a first class job! I was impressed!!!

Many sharpeners have expressed an interest in nipper sharpening! If you're one of them, here is a chance to see Mike's machine in action. He will be doing a demonstration and will have a few machines with him you will be able to try during our hands-on time.

If you have any questions about this, just give me a call at 864-909-3381. I'll be on the road training for a few days, so if I don't pick up my cell phone leave a message. I will be busy all day tomorrow, David and I are going to Foley to train them on the Hira-To. Sign up for the Harrisburg Show soon! Seats are filling fast!

If you're in the market for any of the Wolff  sharpening machines, be sure to give me a call before you buy. I know all the best places to buy at the best price! Call 864-381-8697 or email me at

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  1. i'm in the prosses of learning sharpening is there any one who whant to sale a used machine for japanese stylist shears and also a cliper machine in good condition
    please let me know and send pictures to