Friday, July 13, 2007


I thought everyone might like to see the Mobile Sharpening Station I use for In-Salon Sharpening.

This is a Stanley Galvanized Rolling Workshop. I bought it from Home Depot a couple of years ago. It comes apart in three parts so it is easy to put in the trunk of a car. I added the 24" x 11 1/4" poplar top by screwing it to the flip-top lid from underneath. I also cut the hinged storage bin out of the bottom to store my machines. Most of the units they make now just have a bin in the bottom, but most flat hone units will still fit in it. (You will see what I mean when you click through the link above) The middle unit on the newer models has a draw in it and a parts bin. It can be a little cumbersome getting it through doors, but it provides a work space for me so I don't have to take up a station in the salon.

The other thing I like about this set up is I get to work at the same height every time. And it's a perfect height for me because I'm...well...short. :) If you are taller than my highly elevated 5' 9'' stature, you could add what ever thickness board you'd need under the 24" x 11 1/4" top.

When I bought it, I think I paid about $80 dollars for it. The aggravating part is that Home Depot only stocks it from time-to-time. (It's out of stock online right now) They are readily available in the UK, but I guess they don't sell as well here in the states. If you'd like one, ask your local Home Depot about it. If they don't have them in stock right then, keep a lookout for it there and online. They will probably have it in the future.

The top picture shows the unit with the Hira-To and and Ookami in it. The bottom shows it with my equipment on top, ready to work.

If you're in the market for any of the Wolff  sharpening machines, be sure to give me a call before you buy. I know all the best places to buy at the best price! Call 864-381-8697 or email me at

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  1. I wanted to be able to do mainly in salon and be able to do off site sharpening for those salons that are not ADA compliant or simply don't want me to sharpen inside.

    Here is a picture of my mobile station. Since I took the picture I have permanently removed the doors.

    I have tools and such in the top drawer. The second drawer has my water and oil stones and some loaner shears and is the mount for my light/magnifier when I sharpen off site. The third shelf is storage for the light/magnafier and my spare parts box. The bottom shelf holds my sharpening machine and discs and doubles as the work bench for off site sharpening.

    I can sharpen in the back of the van by pulling the bottom shelf out and connecting to an inverter and battery system.

    I went into the sharpening business planning on doing it past 65 and don't want to give myself a hernia lifting things into, onto or out of anything, so I get the whole cabinet in and out with a wheel chair lift.