Wednesday, November 26, 2008


First and foremost I'm thankful for my faith and my family. I'm thankful I have the greatest job in the world, and I'm thankful for the many friends I have in the sharpening industry.

It may sound mushy, but it's the truth!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and thanks so much for being my customer! Remember, I'm here to help, so if I can ever assist you in your business please call me. Enjoy your day tomorrow and I look forward to working with you in the future.

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For those of you that may not know, David Wolff has started a blog. That's right folks, yet another blog!

Here is the link:

David's Blog

It's geared toward industry, so if you've been thinking about expanding your business into the industrial sector (which you should), you'll pick up some great tid-bits of information. Regardless of whether you think this may be a fit for you or not, please take a moment and click on the "David's Blog" link above. The traffic will help his ranking, and if you know of anyone that may benefit from the info you find on David's blog, please tell them about it.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I was ranting about this topic today. So was Seth:

"I know you've heard this before, but it's really simple:

The only reason to answer the phone when a customer calls is to make the customer happy."

Customer service is IMPORTANT! We need to remember this in every aspect of our business!

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PS - This is one of the reasons a person always answers the phone during business hours here at Wolff.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been working with our new video camera as Glen and I get ready to shoot some video for Wolff; much to everyone's dismay. :)

Vocals: Trashing the Camp

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I was talking to a sharpener the other day and he was asking me about a problem he runs up against from time-to-time. He said that on occasion, a pair of shears he's sharpened will come loose in the pivot and he has to go back and tighten them up. I told him he needs to do a better job of seating the washer.

What many sharpeners don't realize is that when you put a high end shear back together, the washer under the head of the screw doesn't always cup back over the head properly. You need to give the shear a good wiggle to get the washer to pop into position. This is simple to do, but you need to do it properly so you don't damage the screw. It's good that this fellow needs to learn a little more about this, because he's a subscriber to On The Edge* and I just finished an article on this topic for the December Issue.

Most sharpening issues are not difficult to fix, it just takes a little knowledge to overcome them. If you ever have sharpening questions, I hope you know you are welcome to call me and I'll try to help how ever I can.


*On The Edge is a 12 page monthly newsletter that is designed especially for Scissors Sharpeners and Clipper Blade Sharpeners! A one year subscription is only $39.95 for the paper version or $34.95 for the electronic version. If you'd like to order a subscription to On The Edge, or find out more, please call 864-909-3381.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


For the past few days I've been working on putting together that last few details for our new Twice as Sharp Website. I just finished the basic content yesterday and I'm working on some questions and answer stuff the rest of this week. Here is a picture of what the home page will look like:

We'll be adding some tabs across the top and some info below. When you scroll over the boxes underneath the machines, a small window will pop up explaining the basics of each unit. To view more, you'll be able to click on the box and go to a detail page.

This site should be up and running in the next couple of weeks. As soon as it's up, I'll let all of you know.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


"It’s easiest to keep doing what you’ve been doing. It’s no effort at all to keep looking at the same metrics, make the same moves, do the same thing with a new name, even. Your customers are good enough. Why prospect for more? The way you tell your product’s story is excellent. It’s worked for several years. Why change it?"

I read this today on Chris Brogan's Blog. (Click here to read the complete post) It made me think about what one of the sharpeners I know is doing to help increase sales. He's raffling off chances to win a Kenchii Matrix shear and donating all the proceeds of the raffle to his local food bank. He's been surprised by the the number of customers that have bought tickets because it's for a good cause, but he's also been surprised by how it's helped his sales. When he makes the offer, the stylists always ask to see the shear they'll have a chance to win, and once they see the Matrix, they want to see more. Just today he called and told me he made a sale during a cold call because of the raffle, and after that, one of the local TV stations found out about what he was doing and ask if he'd be willing to talk about it on their morning program. Not bad for an off the cuff idea! He'll be doing a write up in On The Edge about the ins-and-outs of the promotion next month, or the month after.

I know the economy is bad, but if you work on thinking outside the box, you'd be surprised what you can do too! Don't keep doing the same old thing. Try something new.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It looks like I may have to change the way I do my pick up and delivery service for my sharpening business. I found this in business week:

Package delivery company DHL may have conquered the world, but it admitted on Nov. 10 that it couldn't conquer the U.S. The unit of Germany's Deutsche Post (DPWGN.DE ) announced it will stop making express deliveries within the U.S., close all of its 18 main distribution hubs there, and lay off all but a few thousand of its remaining 13,000 U.S. workers.

Although DHL will continue to make deliveries to and from the U.S. and other countries, its withdrawal from the domestic express business is another setback for a blue chip German company in the world's biggest market. (Click here to read the rest of the article)

I need to call to find out if this means that they'll be halting all ground deliveries as well just to be sure, but it sure looks like the company has crumbled according to this article. I've been using DHL for a few years now and they've done a great job. Much better than one of the other carriers I use from time-to -time!

This goes to show that in this economy, you need to be prepared to roll with the punches. You need to stay focused and on top of your game. Watching your overhead and providing stellar service are two musts right now! I'll let you know what happens as I look into other carrier options.

PS - Sorry for all the silence. I've been away for the past few days.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


What is the difference between the Twice as Sharp®, Ookami Gold®, and Hira-To® Sharpening Systems? This is a question I get often. Here is a quick break down.

Twice as Sharp®
The Professional Twice as Sharp® is designed to sharpen both industrial and low end barber and beauty shears. It is fitted with a 120 grit aluminum oxide wheel and a 400 grit honing wheel. It also comes equipped with an arm and clamp assembly to set and hold a precise angle as you sharpen. This machine has been the sharpener of choice for the majority of professional sharpeners for the last 25 years. The retail price for this system is $449.50.

Ookami Gold®
The Ookami Gold® Sharpening System is the next step up from the Professional Twice as Sharp®. The complete system will allow you to sharpen the highest end salon shears right down to the lowest end industrial shears. The complete Ookami Gold® comes fitted with an 800 grit diamond wheel and pressed composite polishing wheel for sharpening beauty shears; it also comes with the Professional set of wheels. These two wheel set ups, combined with an array of other necessary tools for sharpening higher end shears, makes the Ookami Gold® Wolff's most versatile sharpening system. The retail price for this system is $834.95.

The Hira-To® Sharpening System is Wolff's premium salon shears sharpening system. Designed specifically for sharpening high end beauty shears, this system mimics the precise movements and skills it takes factory trained sharpening technicians years to develop. The Hira-To®'s fixture will allow any sharpener to recreate the convex on a beauty shear without the worry of sacrificing a consistent sharp edge. The retail price for this system is $3082.75.

Each of these machines are designed to fulfill different tasks, but all of them complement each other and would make an excellent addition to your sharpening arsenal. Wolff has been a proud supporter of professional sharpeners for over 25 years, and offers technical support to help you as you grow your business.

If you're in the market for any of the Wolff  sharpening machines, be sure to give me a call before you buy. I know all the best places to buy at the best price! Call 864-381-8697 or email me at

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