Tuesday, November 27, 2007


While on my way through the terminal in Charlotte, NC, I was treated to a medley of Christmas Tunes that make me think to write this post. Both my wife and I love read to our children! Good books are a staple item (or should be) for a child's growth. Reading to them is a wonderful gift! With that in mind, here is a great website for you to check out:


It is a great source for children's books, and many of them are signed by the authors. I don’t always buy from this site; I buy most of my books from Amazon or at my local Barnes and Noble because I never buy a book blind! Especially for my kids! But this site will give you some good ideas.

If you want to bring a smile to the face of a special customer that has a child, bypass the candy and buy a book for their little one! Just put some thought into it or just buy one of the classics! They are the best, and a safe way to go!

Right now, my wife is reading Paddle to the Sea to our family. It’s a wonderful book! Memories can be made around the couch or easy chair, and a gift like this will leave a lasting impression! Try it with a few of your best customers and watch their eyes light up!

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