Friday, February 6, 2009


The Wolff trip to the Dominican Republic was great! We got a lot of work done, and mixed in a little play too. Here are a few details:

This is Maria, our fearless leader down in the Dominican. She is in charge of the plant that we work with just outside of Santo Domingo. She runs a tight ship!

This is Victor. He is our lead sharpener in the Dominican and the Sharpening Supervisor. I call him our Dominican Garnard (our super-duper almost magical sharpener here in the States). Victor is the one that does all our weird jobs down there.

Here are two of the Sharpeners hard at work. They do a number of our poultry shears. There are normally four in all, and Victor has them doing a top-notch job.

Most of my time was spent training and going over different procedures with some of the new Sharpeners and working on some specialized sharpening with Victor. I'll be headed that way again in about six weeks.

While most of the time was spent working in the Dominican Republic, David and I still found some time to get out and look around. Here's a quick sampling:

This is David introducing me to Dominican Goat. It was rather good. It tasted a lot like pot roast. You can also see avocado, fried plantains, boiled yucca root, and fried mashed plantains. The green bottle is Presidente, the Dominican national beer.

This is the back veranda of the Hotel David and I stayed at. It was beautiful! There are many beautiful places in the Dominican Republic!

This is a picture of Christopher Columbus' son Diego's house. It was not at all what I expected. It is now a national museum.

This was the first church built in the new world. It was amazing to stand in a place that had so much history surrounding it.

Last, but not least, was the NiƱa's Anchor (or so the claim). True or not, it was fun to touch what may be a piece of history.

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