Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Next Couple of Weeks

I will be hitting the road in a few days for a two tier trip. The first leg will take me to Wichita, KS where I'll be mixing it up with some very cool guys and gals at the SAMPE Show. This is a show that caters to the composite material and aramid fiber industry. I'll be showing off the Wolff Corru-Gator and the Twice as Sharp, as well as Wolff's top-notch modified bend trimmers that are enhanced by Wolff to cut these specialized materials.

After I'm done in Wichita, I jump a plane and head to Anaheim, CA for the Wolff Show. This is gonna be an awesome show! I will be going over all the tricks and tips that make sharpening shears faster and easier, as well as show you how to repair some pretty scary lookin' shears. You know...the kind you see that make you want to turn tail and run for the hills.

Bobby Huffman will also be there teaching how to tear it up in the clipper repair and clipper blade sharpening arena, and Mike Borsch is gonna teach us how to make some money in the world of nipper sharpening.

I love doing these shows for sharpeners! I always come away with new ideas that charge me up and help me face all the challenges that manage to creep there way into this wonderful profession known as sharpening. If you'd like to attend, there are still some seats available. Give Wolff a call at 800-888-3832 to sign up. It's only $89 dollars to attend, so the price is right and the fellowship is great! Come if you can! Here's a link to view the schedule.

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