Saturday, January 23, 2010

Subscribe to Jim Sharp via Email

This is just a quick post letting you know that you can now subscribe to Jim Sharp and get instant updates whenever I add new content to this blog. It's easy to sign up.

All you have to do is type your email address into the "Subscribe via Email" box in the upper right corner of the blog, hit the subscribe button, and then retype a code word that feedburner will give you to start your feed.

Once you've done that, feedburner will send you an email to the account you entered asking you to verify that you want emails from Jim Sharp. Click on the link they send you, and that's it. You should start receiving an email whenever I update Jim Sharp.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a ring at 864-909-3381 or email me at

PS - Just so you know, I'm trusting this will work. I've subscribed to my own feed, so I should know for sure whether I set everything up right once I post this. If you subscribe, and have any issues, please email my right away and I do my best to take care of them.

Image: jaysee_pingkian

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