Monday, July 27, 2015

Coming to the NBTSG?

Coming to the NBTSG? If so, just a heads up that I'll be doing a new class there this year. There's been a bit of a miscommunication in the literature going out in box stuffers about this though. I will be doing a class on Friday morning, but it won't be on the TAS, Ookami®, and Hira-To®. It will be on using a flat hone and Ookami® in conjunction with one another to create an edge that will set you apart from your competition. I will also be going over how to increase speed when repairing an improperly sharpened convex shear and free hand sharpening. This class will be unique and new. If you're interested, give me a call at 864-381-8697 or email me at and I'll go over all the details.

PS - If you're in the market for Wolff sharpening equipment, give me a call at 864-381-8697 and mention this code: 072415. Thanks as always for your business. Talk to you soon.

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