Wednesday, December 5, 2007


OK! Maybe this post is silly, maybe even a little dumb! But because I live in South Carolina, after being raised in Rhode Island, pronunciation is a subject I have to deal with every day!

Because I grew up in Rhode Island, people are always telling me I don't know how to talk (pronounced "tawk" in my language). This has been a challenge for me, since most of what I do is dealing with the public. I especially struggle with my accent when I speak! That's why, when I found this website, I had to laugh and pass it on to all of you!

While I got a kick out of this, there is some value in it! If you do speak publicly like I do, and many sharpeners do at industry schools, this site is a good place to hear how you SHOULD be pronouncing different words. Maybe not your everyday words, but how about words like "molybdenum", a metal mixed with stainless that helps overcome brittleness? Or how about two other good words like "vanadium" which improves hardenability and texture, and "manganese" which increases durability in stainless?

While you might not use a site like this every day, save it in your favorites so you can learn how to pronounce those tough words too!

Image: desireedelgado

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