Friday, July 18, 2008


How remarkable is your business? How memorable is it? How are you setting yourself apart, and by doing so, making your business more valuable? Think about this! There are plenty of sharpeners in most areas. Most are not running their business as they should, so if you just put in the normal amount of effort (you know, what everyone SHOULD be doing), you'll make good headway in your neck of the woods. But if you go above and beyond... WOW! You could really set the world on fire!

People don't respond well to the norm any more. They want something better. They want something to talk about! Your job is to give them something to talk about! With that said, I want you to go read this post about an experience Robbin Phillips had while traveling in NYC. I could list all kinds of things you might be able to do to enhance the value of your business, but it's stories like these that really get the creative juices flowing and help us come up with our own individual ideas to make our customer's experience better. Take a look!

PS - Consider this! I'm sharing this story with you because it impressed me.
PPS - This hotel charges $500 + per night (and it's patrons are happy to pay it).
PPPS - Wouldn't you like your customers to be sharing stories like this about you and your business? Look for ways to create WOW!


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