Thursday, July 10, 2008


Bonnie Megowan, owner of Bonika Shears, put me on to this site.

It's pretty cool! I usually use to book my flights, but one of the features I like best about this site is the "When to Travel" option.
You'll find this box in the right hand side on the site.

Just select the airport closest to you in the "From" box, where you're going to, and click go. You'll be taken to a graph that will show you prices based on different days you may be willing to leave.
In this graph. I'm checking prices from Charlotte, NC to Los Angeles, CA.

You'll also see that you have a "Grid" option as well (my favorite) where you can scroll over different days to leave based on length of stay.
As you scroll up and down the boxes you'll see the different prices light up.

I'm not sure if I'd ever use this site to book a flight, but it's a great tool to see if you're in the ball park on price if you use a travel agent or other online travel site. The one draw back is you can only go out a few weeks to see flight prices.

With the Wolff/ Huff Show coming up in October, and other shows as well, I thought this might be a useful tool. Thanks for the tip Bonnie!

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