Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

It's been a busy few weeks for me! Between a number of speaking events like the Social Media presentation I did for the Social Media Club here in Spartanburg, to a brand new web site design I'm working on for

I haven't had much time to blog. And as it stands right now, it doesn't look like things will slow up for the next couple of weeks either.

I'm prepping for Larry's new Sharpeners event over the next few days. That will take up a good bit of my time. I'm really looking forward to this show though! Everything Larry does is top-notch! The NBTSG is going to be a blast! If you are interested in coming, it's in Saint Louis, MO at the end of this month and you can find information here:

I'm also in for a treat tomorrow! I am going to BMW to drive some of their cars on their autocross course! Here is what the invitation said:

Corporate Club BMW Driving Experience helps bring new focus to your business in a whole new way. This program is designed for rewarding employees, developing team building skills, entertaining clients, networking or simply satisfying your passion for driving BMW’s.

The Corporate Club program starts Thursday, August 20, 2009 at noon with a catered lunch by our very own M-Cafe. After your lunch and brief overview you will be immersed into three exhilarating driving exercises followed by heart racing M Car Hot Laps on the autocross course with our Professional Drivers. The event will wind down with a hors d’oeuvre, wine and beer reception.

The great part is I'll be there with a large group of local business friends! This will be one unique and fun networking event! Expect some pictures!

As for the lack of posts, as soon as the smoke clears I hope to have a number of new video interviews to share from the NBTSG sharpeners event. I do have one other post I plan to put up about a Social Media Challenge that involes Fiskars Shears. I'll be writing that today or tomorrow. See ya soon!

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  1. That new splash page looks great!
    Was hoping go see you in St. Louie but having surgery and won't be up to it. The next Wolff show is very probable though. Mike F.